CARRIE Remake Gets a Release Date

The Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don't Cry, Stop-Loss) directed remake of Stephen King's Carrie starring Chloe Moretz has been given an official release date of March 15th, 2013.

Carrie was released in 1974 and it was King's first published novel. The story centers on a misunderstood teenage girl named Carrie White, her extraordinary telekinetic powers, and her violent rampage of bloody revenge. It doesn't help that she is raised by an insane religious fanatic of a mother. There's an underlying lesson to be learned from the story... don't bully people with telekinetic powers because they will get their revenge. 

I love the 1976 Brian De Palma movie that was made, and it will be interesting to see a new version based on the source material. Apparently this will be a closer adaptation of the book than De Palma's film was.

After the project was first announced King made the following statement:

I’ve heard rumblings about a Carrie remake, as I have about The Stand and It. Who knows if it will happen? The real question is why, when the original was so good? I mean, not Casablanca, or anything, but a really good horror-suspense film, much better than the book. Piper Laurie really got her teeth into the bad-mom thing. Although Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White… hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast. I guess I could get behind it if they turned the project over to one of the Davids: Lynch or Cronenberg.

 I wonder if King still feels the same way, now that the movie is being made and the lead role is cast.

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