New Poster for Andrew Niccol's THE HOST Continues Focusing on Saoirse Ronan's Eye


I doubt fans of Andrew Niccol (Gattica, In Time) would ever have expected him to team up with the writer of the "Twilight" novels, but that's exactly what's happened. The acclaimed director and writer of The Truman Show is directing the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's science fiction novel, The Host. MTV has a first look at the new poster (above), which - as you can clearly see - continues their marketing trend of focusing on Saoirse Ronan's eye.

For those of you just joining us, The Host is about an alien parasite that takes over the body of Melanie (Ronan) who is torn between loyalty to its own race and the feelings its host has for the humans around her.

Niccol has done some truly fantastic things behind the camera, but I was very surprised when he announced he'd be writing and directing this film. Anybody plan on checking out The Host in theaters, or does the "Twilight" connection throw you off?

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