Edward Norton and Sean Penn to Join ROBOCOP Cast?

The Killing's Joel Kinnaman is locked and loaded to play the lead role in José Padilha‘s Robocop reboot. Now there's some pretty big names rumored to be circling the project as well, and they're pretty surprising. The actors mentioned include Edward NortonGael García BernalRebecca Hall and even Sean Penn is in the mix.

It's hard to imagine Penn and Norton being in this movie, but it's Hollywood and anything's possible. Here are the details from The Tracking Board report on who they would be playing in the film,

Edward Norton is circling to, fittingly enough, play the role of Norton, the brilliant mastermind behind bringing Robocop to life...Also circling are Gael Garcia Bernal and Rebecca Hall in strong supporting roles. Bernal would look to be cast as Jack Lewis, Alex’s dashingly handsome police partner who eventually begins a relationship with Hall’s character, Clara, Alex’s former wife before his transformation into Robocop. 

There is strong interest in Sean Penn to assume the role of Novack, a right-wing news reporter who sticks to his guns when it comes to his political views.

I would absolutely love it if this is the cast that came together for this movie. Norton would be such a huge selling point for me because he doesn't make crappy films. Would a cast like this up your interest level for this movie?

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