DreamWorks Could End Up With NEED FOR SPEED


Just three days ago, we brought you word that the Need For Speed video game series is being developed as a movie (and, in all likelihood, an ensuing franchise). Real Steel screenwriter John Gatins will be producing the movie, and he's been pitching it to studios all over town. It's looking like DreamWorks is going to be the one that crosses the finish line first and wins the rights to the film, which will feature a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York.

Deadline has the update, which also lets us know that George Gatins, John's brother, is the one who will write the script (we previously thought John would be writing, but he's only producing). If this deal goes through, it will establish DreamWorks as a buyer on the market again after a long time off dealing with money issues behind the scenes. More buyers equals more competition in the marketplace, which means (hopefully) better products - aka films - for us, the consumers. So I'm all for the return of DreamWorks, and here's hoping they lock down this Need For Speed deal. Ever since the Fast and Furious franchise made the decision to go more in the heist movie direction, there's been a void for car-centric action films, so maybe this movie will fill that void.

What do you think about a Need For Speed film? Could this be one of the very few GOOD video game movie adaptations ever made?

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