James Bond SKYFALL - Set Video of Rooftop Motorcycle Chase

Here's some awesome video footage from the set of Sam Mendes' James Bond movie Skyfall, showing a rooftop motorcycle chase scene. The behind the scenes footage comes from the local media in Turkey where the movie is currently shooting. This is the same location where they will be shooting the epic motorcycle/train stunt that was originally set to be shot in India. It's looking like there is going to be a lot of motorcycle stunt awesomeness in the movie. But as we all know, stunts come at a cost. Reuters reported on a recent accident with one of the motorcycle stuntmen: 

A stuntman in the new James Bond film "Skyfall" now shooting in Istanbul lost control of his motorcycle and smashed into the window of a 330-year-old shop in the city's 15th-century Grand Bazaar, Turkish media said on Monday. 

The stuntman swerved to avoid hitting extras while careering through the Grand Bazaar at high speed, the NTV news channel said, but then crashed into the jewellery shop and smashed its crystal glass window.

Ouch! But, in the end it will all look great up on the big screen! Check out the set footage below. You know if Tom Cruise was playing James Bond he'd want to do his own stunts like he does for Mission: Impossible. I'm not knocking on Craig, I love the guy as Bond, I'm just sayin'... If you were an actor in an action film like this would you want to do your own stunts, or would you let someone else take the risk for you? 

James Bond kapalıçarşıda - 16 nisan 2012 by showtv

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