John Cho and Clark Duke Sign On For THE IDENTITY THIEF


I was looking forward to The Identity Thief (or Identity Theft, as it was previously known) when lead actors Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy were announced, and now we've got two more reasons to anticipate the movie. The Hollywood Reporter says that John Cho and Clark Duke have signed on to play supporting roles in the comedy, which stars Bateman as a submissive family man who must take charge of his life when his identity is stolen by a raucous woman (McCarthy).

Cho has joined the cast as an investment executive who wants Bateman to join his new firm, while Duke will play a scorned Eagle Scout who, along with his friends, hunts down the man responsible for stealing his identity.

Both of these guys have made careers out of playing supporting parts like this, and they're both really good at stealing scenes from straight-laced leads. (See: American Reunion, Kick-Ass, Star Trek, Sex Drive, etc.) I'm a fan of both of them and think they both deserve far more roles than they're getting.

Anyone excited for The Identity Thief? What are your favorite roles from Cho and Duke so far?