Iron Man And X-Men Animes Bring Loads Of Action To DVD

So recently I had a chance to review these wonderful anime interpretations of two of Marvel's biggest franchises; X-Men and Iron Man. The series premiered on G4 and set to hit shelves next Tuesday. For those who are fans of the anime drawing style, this is a must watch. The visuals are always stunning and the fight scenes are everything you could want and more. While the X-men side tends to be a tad more graphic, Iron Man makes up for it with lots of gadgetry and explosions. 

Both plot lines take place in the land of the rising sun as the mutants are there investigating a block in Cerebro in the northern region, and Tony Stark is promoting free nuclear energy to the region and a new prototype Iron Man. The dialogue has it's ups and downs, but in the end you really won't notice it between the fights and the animated stylings of the Funimation designers behind the DVD. 

Those who aren't privy to Japanese or subtitles however need a disclaimer. Make sure to change your language settings before playing the episodes as they do not default on English! That being said, I noticed there were at times dialogue differences between the two. Sometimes you would read something that wasn't in the English translation and vice versa. It's really interesting to me, and I have to question why it was done. 

The special features are pretty telling as well, with interviews from creators of both shows and additional animes Marvel has created. I highly recommend getting both, but if you're strained for cash and can only afford one then go with X-Men. Great watch though all around.


Email Me: Twitter: @MickJoest

Email Me: Twitter: @MickJoest


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