THE HOBBIT Plans To Run At 48 Frames Per Second, Will Theaters Be Ready?

The Hollywood Reporter is announcing Peter Jackson's The Hobbit plans to run at 48 frames per second, which is double the current industry standard for digital projectors. This means theaters wishing to show the near guaranteed blockbuster success will need to upgrade before the December 14th release date this year, with some speculation being before Summer to accommodate the trailer. Jackson is not alone in his drive to increase the frame rate of movies as James Cameron has also announced his plans to release Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 at 48 fps. Most experts are saying that this will not be a huge deal for upgrades to happen, but will cause a shift in the way we view films, making the on screen picture more fluid and less choppy.

Increased realism is always good in my opinion, but there is much debate as to how many frames are needed for true realism to be seen in film. Is more enough, or just an unnecessary expense to the film industry?

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