Walken and De Niro In Talks To Join Douglas in LAST VEGAS


It was reported the other day that Michael Douglas would be joining the Jon Turtletaub (National Treasure) Las Vegas-set comedy Last Vegas. Now word on the strip is Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken are in talks to join the elderly cast.
Last Vegas was scripted by Dan Fogelman(Crazy Stupid Love, Tangled), and finds Douglas playing "a man who, before marrying a woman half his age, invites his three childhood best friends on a wild bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, where old tensions crop up between him and one of the trio over the woman they both loved as teenagers." If cast, De Niro would play the friend who loved the same woman as Douglas. It's not clear what kind of character Walken will  be playing but it's safe to assume he'd be one of the trio.
Last Vegas has obviously drawn comparisons to The Hangover. But just because a movie takes place in Vegas, with a group of dudes, doesn't mean Last Vegas will be The Hangover of the Bengay generation. 
If they land all these vets, I'd be pretty interested in watching this; especially if they get Walken in there. I loooove me some Zach Galifinakis, but Walken can out-weird him in a movie any day of the week. If Walken was Alan in The Hangover, they probably would've taken a lot crazier things than ecstacy.
By my count there's still one friend left who hasn't been cast. Who would you like to see running around Vegas with De Niro, Walken and Douglas? 

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