Adam Sandler to Produce SUMMER SCHOOL Remake

Movie Adam Sandler by Joey Paur

Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison productions are teaming up with Paramount Pictures to bring us a remake of the 1987 comedy Summer School. The story centered on a high-school gym teacher played by Mark Harmon who ends up having to cancel his big summer plans to teach an English class full of goof-ball students.

Apparently the studio has been trying to get this movie remade since 2005. Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner was working on trying to get the movie made and according to to THR he would have "made the teacher hard-nosed (as opposed to Harmon's laid-back character) and squaring off against one mischievous student." Star Trek writers and producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci also were developing the movie at one point. 

Not sure why none of these made it into production, but now that Sandler is involved I don't think they'll have a problem getting the comedy locked and loaded. As of right now Sandler will not star in the movie, but it's got a long road to development, so who's to say it wont eventually happen. I could see him taking on a role like that.

I enjoyed the original film, but I'm not sure why the studio feels the need to remake it. I guess they'll find something interesting to do with it, throw in some kind of twist. Maybe they'll center it around an alien invasion, that seems to be the big fad in Hollywood right now. What do you think about this movie getting the remake treatment?

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