Official Trailer for the Horror Film LOVELY MOLLY

TrailerMovie Horror by Joey Paur

Here's the first trailer for a new horror film called Lovely Molly, which comes from the co-director of The Blair Witch Project Eduardo Sanchez. It's crazy that these guys really haven't done that much since the Blair Witch. I thought their careers would have taken off, but they didn't. Instead they practically started the found footage film genre, and watched a bunch of other filmmakers do the exact same thing they did, only to find more success.

I'm happy to see that after a decade it looks like they have a created decent horror movie worth watching. The trailer makes a point to say that Lovely Molly will "redefine horror once again", but I find that hard to believe. Sure, it looks like it will be an entertaining flick, but not a genre changer. 

Here's the Synopsis:

Newlyweds Molly and Tim move into Molly's deceased father's house in the countryside. Unexplained disturbances in the night unnerve the couple, and when her husband goes away for business, Molly is left in a house that holds many painful memories. Her isolation is soon shattered by a mali­cious presence that unleashes a physical and mental assault. As she struggles to regain footing in her simple existence, Molly's grip on reality begins to waver. Her erratic behavior is a warning sign to her friends and family, whose interventions drive her further into solitary torment and spur a deep, dark infidelity within her.

The movie will be released on May 18th, 2012. Does this look like a horror film you would want to see?

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