GameTyrant - Top 10 Video Game News Items from the week of 4/20/12

GameTyrantby Joey Paur

Our other website has been up and running for a few months now, and it's going strong. Just in case you don't visit GameTyrant as much as you visit GeekTyrant, I thought I would give you my 10 favorite news items that were posted on it throughout the last week. This should help you get caught up on all your video game news for the week!

STAR TREK - Kirk and Spock Enjoy Jumping in This Teaser

I guess I would consider myself a bit of a "Trekkie," but not in the purest sense of the word. I love the series (to a point), but I would never dress up like my favorite character (Data). Star Trek is all about uniting the universe and defeating the ultimate evils, which I can get on-board with... to read more click here.

HALO 4 - Set to Release on November 6 

Everyone, it's time to get excited! Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced that the next chapter in Master Chief's story, Halo 4, will come out on November 6 of this year... to read more click here.

GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION - After a Week of Rumors, Sony Announces New Game

Last week, Sony put up a big teaser on their Facebook page about an upcoming game being revealed on the 19th. Many people speculated different games, but for the vast majority everyone assumed it was a new God of War title based on the fonts and colors used... to read more click here.

PROTOTYPE 2 - Live Action Trailer Gets All Sentimental on You

There sure has been a slew of live action trailers for games in recent years, and I am still not sure how I feel about them. Sometimes they can be well done, like this Prototype 2 trailer, but other times, they are poorly done and don't do justice to the content of the advertised games. It comes down to preference, though. I want to see stuff IN the game, not a marketing technique... for more click here.

CALL OF DUTY: MW3 - Blue Perk Review

Do you have a favourite blue perk? If so, does that mean you haven’t bothered trying out all of the other blue perks yet?... for more click here.

GHOST RECON: FUTURE SOLDIER - First Time Beta Gameplay

Now for you Call of Duty/Battlefield players, don't think you will pick up how to play the game immediately and go on killing spree, because this is not that type of game. But if I had to compare it to one of those two games, I would definitely compare it to Battlefield 3. Only because of the squad aspect, and how you all need to work together to achieve your goals... for more click here.

GIRLFRIEND VIDEO GAME TEST - Will She Measure Up with Her Knowledge of Systems?

Hey fellas, is your girlfriend claiming to be just as much of a gamer as you are? Well put her to the test with this system and controller matchup. A true gamer will know every one of the controllers that goes with each system. But as you take a look at this more, aren't you glad Microsoft ditched that first controller design?... for more click here.

Runic Games: "Can't Commit to a TORCHLIGHT MMO Anytime Soon" 

Massively Multiplayer Online, or MMOs, take a lot of man power when you really think about it. Whether its server maitenance, continually building and developing new elements to an ever expanding experience, plus keeping an eye out for any potentially dangerous activity from certain players themselves... for more click here.

DISHONORED - Trailer Hints at Plot and Shows Off Brutal Gameplay

An image from this trailer was passed around yesterday and many thought that it was a screenshot of DLC for Skyrim. Well, those people were wrong. The photo that was being passed around was a screen-grab from the latestBethesda produced game, DishonoredDishonored is being developed by Arkane Studios, which is the same team that did BioShock 2. The game is set in a steam-punk universe and the character you play as can manipulate time. Your job is to carry out assassinations, and to make them super-bloody!... for more click here.

Debut Trailer - DRAGONBALL Z for KINECT Makes You Look Like a 10 Year Old

We knew this day would come; a fighting game based off Dragonball Z using our full body motions to pull off attacks famous from the show. But then again, I'm sure we all imagined that it'd look a lot more like the indie film Turbo than what we're actually being sold... for more click here.

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