Comic Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #8



And we’re back for another Justice League review. This time, in Issue #8 we meet the New 52’s Green Arrow. How does he hold up?

During another bout of gripping political swordplay between Steve Trevor and a congressional committee, we find out since the Justice League formed five years ago that they have not allowed a new member in. The Congressmen and women of course wants a new member in the League whom they can control and of course use to influence the group from within.

The bulk of this issue is a rather comedic montage of Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen) interjecting himself into a number of Justice League missions trying to prove his mettle to the team. But each time, Arrow is chewed out from meddling before the League makes one dramatic exit after another. And mind you, Green Arrow trying to join the Justice League has absolutely nothing to do with the US government's would-be machinations.

What also is revealed during this montage is some very bad blood between Aquaman and Green Arrow that almost leads to some fisticuffs during Mr. Queen’s final run-in during a League mission.

Back at his lair, Arrow is approached by Steve Trevor, which is where we find out that he’s not all bluster and bragging. He wants nothing more than to help the League gain a social conscience. Trevor agrees to put Green Arrow on a team, just not the Justice League. Wonder what that will be.

The League are back on the Watch Tower as they vote on whether or not Green Arrow should be allowed to join, and the majority votes against his joining. Why you ask? Apparently there was a rather violent incident sometime back with a certain Martian Manhunter that made the League rather gun-shy toward prospective members. Makes sense.

Plus, we get part two of the Billy Batson/Shazam mini-story. Billy’s been moved to a new foster home and is still a Texas-sized asshole to everyone, making a fellow foster kid cry in the process. But it seems that he’s starting show some signs of empathy and getting some indication of his unique situation. 

This was a fun little issue with some great interplay between the League and Green Arrow, the latter being so the overachiever who wants to stand side-by-side with the big boys. I do like how despite Arrow’s swagger and cockiness, they didn’t make him a full-on meathead like GL in the earlier Justice League issues. Plus, he was not an impediment to the League, but actually helping them out on their missions. Should be interesting to see where Green Arrow ends up, which I’m thinking will be JL International.

Next month begins the next major arc in the series, which from what I read will feature the author of those mad scribbles in Issues 6 and 7 as the League’s new big bad. Let’s hope Lee and Johns bring it!

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