Abbey Lee Kershaw to Star in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD


George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road has hit a few roadblocks on its way to the big screen, but the director finally seems to have pulled all the pieces together to add another movie into the Mad Max franchise.

And it looks like one of those pieces might be a supermodel (as if Charlize Theron isn't enough). If The Daily Telegraph is to be believed, then Miller has just cast Aussie supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw in the long-awaited sequel. Rumor has it this role was once offered to Teresa Palmer, who backed out of the project because of the constant delays. So who will Kershaw be playing in the film?

A well-placed film source said: "Obviously it's set in a post-apocalyptic world, and women, especially beautiful women, are scarce, so men have been locking them up in cages. Abbey is one of them. She's perfect."

Doesn't exactly sound like Kershaw will have a lot asked of her in her big screen debut, but that's fine with me - that's just more opportunities to see stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron work together in a Mad Max movie (something fans probably never dreamed would happen).

Back in November of 2011, Miller explained the reasons for the delay, which involved unprecedented rains in the Australian outback turning their desert setting into fertile ground. Not exactly the same iconic imagery we know from the first three films. Hopefully, we'll see Fury Road get underway sometime this year.

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