Robert Rodriguez will Shoot FIRE AND ICE after Sin City 2

At Comic-Con 2011 director Robert Rodriguez announced that he would be developing a live-action remake of Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s 1983 animated feature Fire and Ice. He revealed in an interview today that he plans to start shooting the film as soon as he's finished making Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. He proceeded to give an update on how far the film is coming along saying,

We’re almost done with the script, we’ve got it pretty much 70 percent there – I’m really excited about that one.

I think the timing is going to work out just right and we’ll have a finished script in the next month or so. So that we can start lengthier pre-production and we can go right into pre-production – well, we’re actually in pre-production, sort of, or we’ve been doing a lot of the previsualization. But that would be the next thing after Sin City.

This has the potential to be a hell of a great movie; something that fans of Frazetta's art work are really going to love. Rodriguez previously talked about how he wants to recreate the depth and artistry of Frazetta’s iconic work. He's going to use the same technology he used for Sin City to make the film. His goal is to make us feel like we just stepped into one of the artist's amazing paintings. He went on to say,

I’m really excited about that. For Frazetta fans, this will be the ultimate tribute to what he did, and inspired so many people. I think it’s going to be pretty powerful when people see it.

I truly hope he can pull off his vision for this movie, because it sounds awesome. I'd much rather see this film get made before Machete Kills and Sin City 2. Do you think Rodriguez has the ability to turn this movie into the kind of film he wants it to be?

Here is a description of the film:

From his stronghold in Ice Peak, the evil Nekron sends forth a wave of deadly glaciers, forcing humanity to retreat to Fire Keep, a kingdom ruled by a generous king. When King Jarol's daughter Teegra is kidnapped, young warrior Larn teams with the mysterious and legendary Dark Wolf, to rescue the princess and the realm from Nekron’s evil sorcery.

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