Cool Fan-Made Poster for BATTLESHIP


"You sunk my Battleship!" Guys, I'm going to be straight with you - I don't even know if Liam Neeson himself uttering that line in the big screen version of Battleship could redeem this thing. Director Peter Berg has dropped around $200 million on a board game adaptation (forehead slap) that --and this is the brilliant part--apparently doesn't have any connection to the board game (double forehead slap). Why call it Battleship, then?

Frustrations aside, our friends at FirstShowing pointed us to this fantastic piece of artwork from Tumblr artist Rezaldi Wibi. As you can see, it's part of the recent trend of minimalist poster art that's been sweeping the web over the past few years (we've featured many of these on the site before), but I like this one because it's more than just oblique shapes - there's some actual detail in here, so it's a bit more involved than some of the SUPER simple minimalist art that we've seen lately.

This is easily my favorite Battleship-related item of all time--way better than the boring old standard movie posters--and because I didn't often play the game as a kid, I like it even more than the game itself. Do you like this piece of artwork more than any official piece of marketing the film has had so far?