More Mondo Poster Art for THE AVENGERS - THE HULK and THOR

Today is obviously Mondo Avengers movie poster art day! They've unleased a ton of great looking posters in preparation for the film. Earlier we brought you Captain America and Iron Man, and now we are bringing you the cool poster designs featuring The Hulk and Thor.

The Hulk poster you see above was created by Ken Taylor, and will be available on Thursday, April 26th. There are 320 24" x 36" screenprints, and they will cost you $45. 

The Thor poster was created by Martin Ansin and will be available on Friday, April 27th. There are 395 24" x 36" screenprints, and they will cost $45. There will also be a 120 Glow in the Dark Variants available: 24" x 36" Screenprint that will cost $75

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