CAT-AT - Star Wars Joke Gone A Bit Too Far Far Away

Humor Star Wars by Eli Reyes
Get your cat liquored up and let's go destroy some rebels!
Let's try to break this down. 'Loser' and 'Cat Freak' isn't a hard combination of titles to have to your name. But
'Cat Freak,' 'Star Wars Geek,' aaaand 'Talented Carpenter'... That's a much rarer breed. One of the two is creepier than the other, havent decided which one though. I think it really depends on the smell. That'll have to be my deciding factor... anyway...
Luckily for BillyAppletini (hopefully not his real last name), the creator of the CAT-AT scratching post, it seems he's neither of those; he's just really "committed to a joke."
Here's what he had to say about creating this as a joke for his cat loving friend:
I wouldn't consider myself a great woodworker or an artist - but I will take credit for being committed to a joke. I wrecked my house for a month building this, which was about 27 days longer than I wish it would have taken. The trickiest part was keeping any of my friends from coming inside my place for that whole time - I knew they wouldn't be able to keep it a secret!
The inside of the CAT-AT has a fully furnished luxury cat condo.
I was originally going to forge an Amazon receipt and make it look like my buddy's cat ordered it on his Amazon account and have it delivered while he was at work, but enough was enough - when it was complete, I had to get it out of my loft and clean up.
You'll spend a month building something, with crap all over your house, but you draw the line at forging a receipt and ruining the good name of Mr. Whiskers??? Not so committed after all, eh? 
I'm definitely a proud Star Wars geek/nerd/lover/mistress. I own more than a handful of Star Wars toys; some expensive, some just cherished and overplayed with. But I've never gotten this creative. So you, Sir Appletini, walk away the better man.
For more pics Click Here. Would you want to own the CAT-AT? What's the biggest joke you took too far?
Thanks to JDubeous at GameTyrant for the find!


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