Internet Culture Compromised: Memes Go Corporate

HumorRantby Mick Joest

It's official, online universe, the trend has died. Not dead in the traditional sense as everyone is making Memes nowadays, but it seems as though the once strictly geek expression has gone mainstream and is now in the money-grubbing jowls of corporate America. Yes, how very uncouth of me to gripe about the ruin of our generations Mr. Smiley or peace sign, but maybe it's because people haven't realized that's exactly what's happening. 

Memes are the pinnacle expressionist art form of our generation. Simple as modern art, and less work intensive than a screen print design, anyone can make a meme and convey an expression everyone can understand. Using the faces we've copied, pasted, and come to love, pop culture and politics can be explained in one picture (occasionally several panels) and a blurb of words. Memes are so simple anyone can make them, or can they?

That's coming from the LA Lakers page...which is following suit with several other organizations who have supposedly hired 6th graders to write random phrases in impact font with no relevance whatsoever. It's enough to make me want to flame congress unmercifully until they pass a CISPA or SOPA or something that stops these atrocities from happening again. Maybe I'm just that geek hipster who wants to say he was meme'ing before it was cool, or maybe I'm just a concerned 20-something who doesn't want a good thing to die so quickly. Whatever the case, you can sympathize right? What say you Mr. President?


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