Robots Performing Beatles Invokes Inspiration

RantVideosby Mick Joest

Joining the ranks of robot musical greatness this week comes this amazing little video titled The Hubos Come Together. Watch it and continue reading below.

Watching this actually inspired the completion of a half-baked idea I've had for awhile. For the longest time I've thought a mockumentary about the future would be an awesome idea and I think I found the perfect subject matter to tackle it! We live in a world where music is heavily produced as is, but what if we reach a point where machines are actually the ones making music?

Former amputees guitarists with mechanical arms, smart computers with bass/techno rhythm algorhytms, to a human Simon who finds his match in a robot Garfunkel, all would be really intriguing to me. The whole movie could be focused on the beginning of robot rock and the battle between those for and against the mechanical integration into a truly human art. When I envision the movie I think of some weird crossover between This is Spinal Tap  and Ever Since The World Ended

I dunno just a thought I had would be cool in an industry that's dying for fresh ideas. Can you see my vision? Sound interesting?

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