HUNGER GAMES District 12 For Sale!

Hunger Games fans can own a piece of the magic, if they can afford it. THR reports that the entire 72-acre town used as Katniss' District 12 village is up for sale for $1.4 million!  Lionsgate used Henry River Mill Village, which is about 70 miles outside of Asheville, N.C., to film the mega-popular film. The reason the town looks run down, is because it truly is. In 1977 the mill burned down, leaving 20 buildings intact.

83-year old owner Wade Shepherd has been getting too many visitors, so he decided to sell the property. Since the film was released many fans have been interested in visiting the various set locations. The North Carolina Division of Tourism has wisely cashed in and is offering a four-day tour  of the various filming locations in NC.

This same type of excitement was created in Washington as a result of The Twilight Saga, so it makes complete sense to me. If you and your family read the books, it might actually be a cool family trip to visit North Carolina. Have you ever visited filming locations after the movie ended? Would you buy District 12 if you had the money?
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