For these two men, Warner Bros. put them at a crossroads. Director Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan) had been wanting to make the live-action remake of Akira, despite legions of anime fans crying out for his blood. At the same time across the studio, actor Bradley Cooper, coming off of his two blockbuster Hangover films, wanted to try something more serious and wanted to play the Devil himself, Lucifer, in Paradise Lost, not knowing there are a lot of people who truly believe he is the Devil. Both projects were canceled by Warner Bros. (and the fans were pleased). Still, that doesn't mean Warner Bros. didn't have a consolation prize (aka Robert Zemeckis and Brad Bird's sloppy seconds) - Here There Be Monsters.

The film would have Cooper play, "British naval officer John Paul Jones... wrongly stripped of his commission and hired by a rich shipping magnate to investigate the disappearance of his merchant ships in the North Atlantic. Jones and his shipmates slowly realize that it’s the work of a sea serpent, and they use unconventional yet visionary naval strategies to battle the creature and stay alive." I never saw Orphan, but who knows? Maybe he'll bring his ridiculousness and make it into a good movie. Will this ship sink with Serra at the helm?

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