Lock and Load Movie Video Supercut

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

I think it's safe to say that when movie characters are preparing to go to battle the audience gets excited in anticipation for what's about to come. Here's a entertaining movie supercut created Mo Papparani featuring scenes in movies where the characters are preparing their arsenal for battle. The video is appropriately titled Lock and Load. Here's a note from the creator,

Not too many occasions call for the use of several firearms in one sitting. Normally, a single pistol can do a satisfactory job well enough, and then we can move on with no problems. But every once in a while…in certain extreme situations, you absolutely need the power of not just a pistol, but a whole plethora of weapons, and with a wide range of distance, damage, and simplicity.

It’s a tough match you’re headed towards, and you need to prepare yourself. You need to arm yourself to the teeth; and you’re going to require all the firepower you can get your hands on. Close range, long range, loud, silenced, from large scale damage to a tiny precise pinhole, we’ve got all the weapons that you’ll need. Choose your weapons carefully…you can only carry so many.

Watch the video compilation below, and tell us what one of your favorite gun battle scenes ever created for a movie is? One of mine is the epic gun battle scene in Hot Fuzz.

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