William Shatner as a Ghostbuster

William Shatner recently tweeted this photo of himself wearing a Ghostbusters proton pack with the following statement...

Who ya gonna call? SHATNER! I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Do you think he's trying to make a play to replace Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 3? Is this his audition photo? Probably not, I think he's just in a silly mood... I hope.

Dan Aykroyd did say that Murray would not be involved with the third Ghostbusters movie, but added that they are still trying to figure something out. Replacing Murray is something they have probably looked into, even though it's such a terrible idea. I wont lie, it would be fun to see Shatner as a Ghostbuster. Just not as Dr. Peter Venkman. Would you want to see Shatner in Ghostbusters 3?