YouTube to Convert all 1080p Videos to 3D

TechVideos3Dby Joey Paur

YouTube is officially jumping on the 3D bandwagon. They've announced that they will be converting all of their 1080p video into 3D. That's right, you can now watch TouTube videos in 3D. I honestly never thought YouTube would go 3D as I just simply don't see the point in it. 

According to Gizmodo, here's how it all works...

The auto-3D feature is an offshoot from the one-click conversion that YT rolled out as a beta last year. The process relies on a self-teaching algorithm to accurately split the image into two and set the proper depth, then farms out the actual conversion to the Google Cloud architecture which breaks the video into chunks and process each piece in parallel. 3D picture quality can be either 360 or 720. 

As of right now you can go to YouTube and watch videos in 3D. For more detailed information on how this YouTube 3D conversion works head on over to YouTube, where you can also watch some videos in 3D as well. Of course if you don't have any 3D glasses there's no point.

What do you think about YouTube moving into this 3D adventure?

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