Watch Jim Henson's Crazy Fun Original MUPPET SHOW Video Pitch

Videos by Joey Paur

Here's a great video pitch that master puppeteer Jim Henson made for CBS that would launch the careers of the famous Muppets that we all know and love today. The video features a character named Leo as an anchorman who announces hilarious pitches the idea saying,

Small children will love the cute cuddly characters. Young people will love the fresh innovative comedy. College kids and intellectual eggheads will love the underlying symbolism of everything. Freaky long hair, dirty, cynical hippies will love our freaky long hair, dirty, cynical Muppets.

The video starts out pretty normal but escalates into awesome craziness. One of my favorite line in the pitch is, "we'll all get temperamental and hard to work with, but you wont care! Because we'll make a lot of money!"

If you haven't seen this yet, you're definitely going to enjoy it. Ya gotta love Henson's style.

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