BATTLESHIP - Six New Film Clips

Universal Pictures has released five new film clips for Battleship! The clips feature some cool action, a look at some of the characters, and more insights into the story. I'm actually kind of excited to see this movie, it probably won't blow me away, or even come close to what The Avengers is, but it should still provide some fun entertainment. I'm definitely feeling a lack of enthusiasm for it from a lot of people though, which is probably one of the reasons why the studio is unleashing a bunch of clips. They are trying to win you over! 

I know one of the main reasons I was turned off by it at first is that it had nothing to do with the boardgame, which is something I was hoping I would be able to connect with the film with. They then added an alien threat to it. Since then I've looked beyond it, and I'm willing to accept the film for what it is and give it a chance.

The movie comes out on May 18th. What are some of the reasons you are or are not looking forward to this movie?

Here's one from MTV



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