SKYFALL Set Videos - Bond Gets a Boat and Has a Shootout


Set videos and photographs for director Sam Mendes' Skyfall have surfaced online. The set videos from Turkey showcase Bond in action in a shootout in a crowded market.
The photos don't do too much to get the excitement levels up though. They are mostly Daniel Craig just lounging around on a massive yacht with a beautiful woman... Ya know what, scratch that. I guess that IS the most Bond thing he could be doing!!! The beautiful lady is new Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe
The first vid has lots more action, but it is definitely not in English. To my untrained ear I believe it's Klingon...? I'm probably wrong on that. The next video is in English, and it gives you some cool details on the shoot, but... the dude's voice is a tad annoying (just a warning). You can bear it though right?
Are you excited for the 23rd Bond film? What do you think of the set footage?


Skyfall arrives in theaters on November 9, 2012.