Was I The Only One Disappointed By THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer?

If you haven't seen the trailer by now go ahead and knock yourself out before continuing on.

Critics and fans alike are saying...

Bad ass.

Spoiler alert, this film is going to be f****** awesome.

I had to change pants after.

The remarks get wilder and far more obscene the longer you search, so I couldn't believe after reading all this my level of disappointment. Recycled footage, a kidnapped Batman, the debut of Bane's slightly less foreign voice, an awkward flying jet?! I know perhaps it was the chant of "POSSUM POSSUM BIG BIG POSSUM POSSUM!". Forgive me if I'm being bitter here, but I would not feel comfortable attributing any of the above quotes to what I saw.

I think what got me the most really,  more than anything,  was what was missing. There was no feeling of chills like when I saw the trailer for The Avengers. There was a lack of new footage, which The Avengers came through on. In fact, I feel like the fact I keep comparing this movie to The Avengers is going to tell a lot about how this film is received.

The stunning reviews internationally of next weeks first blockbuster of the Summer, like it or not, have set a bar for all hero movies to follow it. While expectations are set low for The Amazing Spiderman, we all have been eagerly awaiting the epic conclusion to one of the most successful hero franchises of the past decade. Sad to say, I feel it won't quite measure up as a new franchise pushes to the fore-front.

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