How To Survive A Robot Uprising - The Animated Tutorial

I don't fancy myself a book reader. I honestly rarely ever pick one up. Maybe that is why my English is sucks a lot. Hmmmm... Anyway, that said, about four or five years ago I actually did pick up a book and read it. It may or may not have been mostly pictures and could be read cover to cover in one sitting. Give me a break though! It was a fun read; smart, funny, and other positive adjectives an intelligent person would say to describe books. That book was Daniel H. Lewis' How To Survive A Robot Uprising.
In promotion of his recent New York Times' Best Selling book Robopocalypse: A Novel, Lewis was interviewed by EpipheoStudios, who put together this awesome animated video accompanying Lewis' words on how to best robot enemies in case of an (inevitable) uprising... it's gonna happen people.
Check out the video and let us know what you think you're better equipped to survive: A robot uprising, a zombie attack, or a vampire takeover.