WOLVERINE, WONDER WOMAN and More Alternate Universe Comic Book Covers

Imagine your favorite classic comic books taking place in an alternate reality, and you get the gist of this art by Kostas Seremetis. He has taken Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman, Wolverine and others, and showed them in a completely new light.

IanBrooks describes the art as follows:

Some may consider these arts sacrilege, but if comic books have taught me anything it’s that all it takes is a single time-displaced misstep and suddenly it’s post apocalyptic everything. Lesson learned: don’t step anywhere if you ever go back in time. Just don’t do it.

Prints can be purchased here. Visit Kostas' website / tumblr / twitter for more of his work. Check out the rest of the pieces below!

 I love the Ghost Rider print, which is your favorite?

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