Youtube User Calls Out NASA On UFO Coverup...And He May Have A Case?!

So I'm sure you've seen the viral video last week that hit the web of an odd shape hovering around the Sun. To be honest, I was convinced it was something sketchy until NASA explained it as a shutter malfunction due to a sun flare...and then that's what I saw. What's odd about it was that several Youtube "believers" also posted the same snap shot saying they saw something odd as's an original video below.

Not being a believer...I let it slip to the back of my mind until I saw this new video trending today. A new better resolution image that actually looks like something can be seen...and it's the first believer video I've seen that has more likes than dislikes! He also says the typical "government is watching me, NASA set me up" bulls***, but the picture does look quite peculiar. Strange things are happening folks. For the sake of argument, as discussions about the existence of alien life forms are usually dull, what reason could NASA have for wanting to cover this up?

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