Geek Art: FORGIVENESS - Your Favorite Enemies Hug It Out

I'd like to believe all the world's problems could be solved with three words: Hug It Out.  If you're Michael Scott from The Office, it's more like four words: "Hug it out b*tch." Since most problems in the world won't be resolved by simply having two dudes embrace each other in the name of peace and bro-love, we can wait it out by having our favorite fictional arch enemies do the hugging for us.
Here's some pretty funny art that you can get in print and t-shirt form over at Etsy, by artist Mike Joos. From Superman and Lex Luthor to Freddy and Jason, all these bitter enemies let bygones be bygones in the name of "Forgiveness." 
Check out the art and let us know what other enemies you'd like to see "hug it out."

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