THE MAGIC LIFE - Documentary Trailer on Magic

For those of you like myself who enjoy the art of magic, here's a trailer to a trailer to wonderful looking documentary called The Magic Life. The film follows "three aspiring magicians as they try to pull off the biggest trick of their lives to become working magicians." 

There was a time in my life when I was a kid that I wanted to be a magician. My parents bought me all kinds of books on magic, and I would constantly practice the magic tricks. I'm amazed and inspired by what magicians can do. Being a magician is not an easy path; these guys have to work their asses off and most of them have to travel a rough road. This new doc takes us on that journey of aspiring illusionists who want to do what they love. 

Watch the trailer, and let us know your thoughts on magic, and if you've even wanted to be a magician!

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