Fast and Furious Shifting Movie Supercut

MovieSupercutby Joey Paur

Here's a fun movie supercut of all the gear-shifting scenes in the five Fast & Furious films. But there were a few ground rules for what scenes ended up making it into this video cut...

It had to be an obvious gear-shift moment, with the hand/gearshift at least partially showing on screen (there are several moments in the films where you see a character’s shoulder move as they shift gears, but those didn’t count unless you could also see part of the hand). Everything else — barring the brief titles for each film — was cut.

This has been a fun franchise to watch over the years. Every time I watch one of the movies I want to go out and start driving around town as fast as I can. I think Tokyo Drift and Fast Five are my two favorite movies from the bunch. What's yours?

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