Monopoly Sinks Peter Berg's BATTLESHIP

I enjoyed Battleship star Liam Neeson's appearance on SNL's Weekend Update this past weekend. Aside from Neeson quoting his signature speech from Taken, the best part of it was Andy Samberg as Nic Cage describing why Battleship would be a perfect Nic Cage film, "One, it's based on a children's board game. And two, you don't have to speak english to enjoy it."
Ever since it was first announced over two years ago that director Peter Berg would be sticking aliens into his adaptation of Battleship, my excitement level has steadily dropped with every trailer and poster I see. But, as the great 'Nic Cage' pointed out, it is based on a children's board game. Too bad I speak enough English that it will ruin my enjoyment of the film by noticing the plot, or the possible lack thereof.
I would much rather watch Uncle Pennybags destroy a battleship than aliens. Check out other children's board games attacking Battleship over at Screencrush.
If you missed Liam Neeson on SNL, I embedded the video below.