MAN OF STEEL Scene Descriptions - Feels Like a Superman Comicbook

It's exciting to think about what Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have created for the latest Superman film Man of Steel. Outside of Nolan's Batman series Warner Bros. has been struggling with how to handle their other DC universe properties. I hope to hell they are going to give us a Superman film fans are going to love. 

Special effects house WETA recently screened two scenes from the movie for a bunch of visual effects artists, and one of them by the name of Jonathan Rothbart (Avatar, Priest, Iron Man), posted a description of the scenes on IMDB and he seemed pretty excited about it. He explains that Zack Snyder's visual style is present, but at the same time it's different from anything he's done before, saying that it felt like a real Superman comic and that it was stunning. He also describes Michael Shannon as Zod as looking bone chillingly evil, and Henry Cavill as Superman saying, "Cavill’s pure size makes him the most believable Superman to date." He seemed incredibly impressed by what he saw.

Check out what he had to say below, but I will warn you this does contain SPOILERS....

Removed at the Request of Warner Bros. Legal

Sounds awesome! I can't wait to see this stuff for myself! Hopefully we get to see some of this footage at Comic-Con this year! It's always a good sign when a visual effects artist is impressed by the visual effects that they see in a movie.

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