The Nicolas Cage in Everything Project: Cage Back to Back with Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage acted alongside himself in the 2002 film Adaptation. But over the past decade we have been deprived of having double the Cage on screen. The drought ended earlier this year when somehow two IDENTICAL Nicolas Cages appeared on SNL's Weekend Update. During their appearance they spoke of their goal to star in 100% of movies. Instead of just sitting around wishing it would happen, Matheus Candido summoned the Cage within and did something about it.
Last month Candido started the Other Faces of Nicolas Cage, a project to photoshop Nic Cage's beautiful leathery face into every movie.
Here's a little sampling of some of the good films made great by the presence of Nic Cage. For all the Nicolas Cage fun head over to the Facebook page.
On a serious note, what other actors do you think will fall into this "they're so lame let's talk about them like they're badass and it'll be funny" group of actors with the likes of Cage, David Hasslehoff and the king himself Chuck Norris?

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