Is Dwayne Johnson Involved with a DC Comics Movie?

There's a slight chance that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson might be involved with a new DC Comics superhero movie. The actor replied to a tweet that said, 

I could see Rock playing in DC movies. Gravedigger or John Stewart (JL's Green Lantern)

The actor responded with the following....

Funny U say that...

Basically hinting at the possibility that he may be involved with some kind of DC superhero movie. This is pure speculation, but it's fun to talk about. The actor has revealed in the past that he's interested in playing Black Adam, but only he knows what he really meant when he replied the way he did. One other thing I want to point out... Brad Peyton is currently set to direct the Lobo movie, Peyton worked with Johnson on Journey 2, so there's a good chance the two could work together again, and I can see Johnson taking on the role of Lobo. Of course, he could just be messing with his fans, but we'll never know until we know. 

If Johnson is looking at starring in a DC comic movie what character/superhero would you like to see him play?

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