LaserSabers: Amazing Light Sabers You Can't Call Light Sabers

by Eli Reyes


The power-up and power-down on these LaserSabers, and the fact that you can interchange all the different parts may just be worth the extra couple hundred bucks over the official LucasFilm deluxe Light Sabers. Just don't call these LaserSabers Light Sabers. I don't know what they call the "non-Jedi" Jedi robes they're wearing though... the "not allowed within 100 yeards of a public park" robe? Cuz if you're not pretending to be a Jedi, or if you're not some kind of monk, those robes are kinda creepy.
In these videos pay no attention to the "professional stunt men" a.k.a  lame lookin' dudes  dressed in Jedi robes and sunglasses that magically disappear and reappear.
Also try not to think about the ridiculously high $300-$1,000 price tag. But the biggest thing to ignore is the warning to not play or fence with the LaserSabers. You can't make something this cool and tell people not to play with it. It's like putting someone behind the wheel of an expensive sports car, and saying, "Take it nice and slow." Good luck. Just watch the videos explaining how these work! And let us know if you'd drop the cash on one of these LaserSabers.
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