VISIT GOTHAM CITY - DC Superheroes Promote Tourism

If the cities in the DC universe were real, I'd like to think the superheroes protecting those cities would make a little cash on the side promoting tourism for their towns. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, but it wouldn't hurt to get on that city's good side.
Who wouldn't want to go visit a place where people are constantly put in peril? If you're anything like me, you love going for walks in dark alleys late at night, wearing expensive clothing, shouting, "Has anyone seen my Rolex? OH! It's right here on my wrist. Silly me. I should keep it in a safer place like my pocket with all of my cash!!!!" It's a mouthful but with some practice you can say it several times rapid fire. If I did that in a city where Batman, Superman, The Flash,  Wonder Woman, or The Green Arrow lived, I could keep up my late night hobby without it being as detrimental to my life.
The art deco style prints were done by Dave Ault, and they are for sale at MonkeyMinion.

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