IRON MAN 3 Plot Point Revealed, Andy Lau Casting Confirmed


A Hong Kong newspaper article recently revealed (via ComicBookMovie) a new plot point for Shane Black's upcoming Iron Man 3, and also confirmed a bit of casting news that we reported on recently. Andy Lau will definitely be playing a scientist who helps Tony Stark, but the plot point is this (excuse the poorly transcribed Chinese-to-English translation):

The film will have location shooting in Beijing and Shanghai, it will narrates that the daughter of Robert Downey Jr.’s friend was kidnapped and brought to China, in order to save his friend’s daughter, he flew over from America to China to seek help from Andy to strengthen his abilities to fight The Mandarin. You will see Iron Man fly over The Great Wall of China, National Palace Museum & other landmarks in Shanghai May 2013

So that's yet another source that claims The Mandarin is going to be the villain. I'm really not sure who to believe in this scenario; are Black and his team spreading misinformation, or are they telling the truth when they say The Mandarin is truly not the villain in this movie? Shooting begins at the end of this month, so I guess we can look forward to set photos and things like that to solve the mystery soon.

Do you want to see The Mandarin as the villain, or would you be content with Tony Stark fighting the confirmed nano-technology virus as the main villain?

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