Elijah Wood to Star in Film Described as SPEED at the Piano


Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has been cast in an interesting sounding new indie thriller called Grand Piano. As the title of this article states, it's described as being like the movie Speed only it takes place at the piano. And yes, the Speed movie I'm referring to is the one that starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock

Here's how the story plays out according to THR, "The story concerns a once-great concert pianist who suffers from stage fright and comes back to perform after a five-year hiatus. Just when he's about to play the first bar, he notices somebody has written a threatening note on his music sheet. He's now forced to play his best concert ever to save his life as well as his wife's."

So basically if he doesn't play the notes a 55mph the Piano and everyone watching him is going to explode. The best thing the character could do at this point is to play the notes at 88mph, go back in time and prevent himself from being put in a situation where he would be murdered. All kidding aside, I'd watch this movie. It should make for an interesting role for Wood.

Grand Piano was written by Damien Chazelle and will be directed by Eugenio Mira. What do you think about the plot of this little film?

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