Geek Art: G.I. Joe Art by Tom Whalen

Art G.I. Joe by Joey Paur

Here's a couple of great pieces of G.I. Joe Geek Art from artist Tom Whalen. These were created by IDW Publishing last year. Here's some thought's from the artist on his G.I. Joe fandom...

As much as i loved comics and toys and animation as a child, it was the comics that had toys that had an animated series that spoke (yelled) the loudest to me. and none of those properties was more exciting than gi joe. the basic concept of military superheroes who fought a "ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world" was too much for my adolescent brain to handle. the endless hours spent reading those comics, playing with those toys and watching those animated episodes (sometimes simultaneously) had a profound effect on my imagination.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to revisit something that meant (means) so much to me.

I'm also a huge G.I Joe fan, and these are some pretty kickass designs. 

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