Dear Taylor Kitsch, I Think I Can Save Your Career

Dear Taylor Kitsch,

You must have the shittiest luck of any guy in Hollywood right now. First Disney drops the ball marketing the would be epic (and is epic if you see it) John Carter, and now word comes in that Battleship performed even worse than that. Dammit Riggins we need a new game plan here. Fire your agent, he was bad news from the time he convinced you to do The Covenent. The truth is, there is a way to salvage your career and geek cred lost with JC and restore the film execs' faith in you. 

The current X-Men movies are fine and all, but we all know a 90's style team up would be the bees knees times three. Everyone loved you as Gambit in X-Men Orgins, and with the cash cow that is The Avengers, I think it's safe to say it's worth the money for Marvel to buy the rights back from Fox and do it properly. The florescent costumes, balls out fighting, Xavier hovering about in his yellow jalopy, mutant rights be damned let's kick ass attitude that's been missing from damn near every movie we've seen...That's what I want to see.

What?! You're still here? So yeah, that's my plan. Maybe do that and try to co-star alongside Channing Tatum or something. Get at it kid.

Good talk,

Robot Reagan


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