Nathan Fillion Does Not want to Play ANT-MAN

Last night I attended a screening of Joss Whedon's awesome sci-fi film Serenity at the Hero Complex Film Festival, and Nathan Fillion showed up for a question and answer session to talk about the movie, and a few other things about his career such as how he got his start in soap operas, the series Castle, and the superhero characters that he doesn't want to play. Fillion revealed that he has absolutely in no interest in playing Ant-Man because he's just not a cool superhero.

It's been the fans hope for years to see Fillion take on the role of Ant-Man in the film Marvel is developing with Edgar Wright, but when asked about taking on the role he said it wasn't for him,

...did you ever just love Ant-Man? (Dramatic pause)... Not me. (We all laugh)

He then proceeded to joke about it saying how lame it would be to lead an army of ants and started to pretend to pick and spit ants out of his mouth. It was really quite entertaining, and he made a good point. He had the same reaction to this when he was asked about playing Steve Trevor in a Wonder Woman film, it just isn't something that he would be excited about. When playing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie was brought up, he got a little more excited saying,

That would be great, because everyone wants their own Indiana Jones movie.

Of course he understands the reality of that not happening and explains,

If I were making that movie, I wouldn't get me to do it. Do I want to be in it? Yes!

The reason he gives of why he would pick himself to do it is because the Hollywood studio's make their decisions based on how much money they would make in return. He's not a box office draw outside of the geek community, so he wouldn't bring in the kind of money they want to make. 

Personally I don't think anyone could play the character better than Fillion, and I still think it would be awesome to see him in that role of Drake. Fillion is an underrated actor, that need to get more leading roles in films. I honestly think the guy could be a big star if someone gave him another chance to explode on the big screen like he did in Serenity

What other comic book characters would you like to see Fillion take on?

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