P.T. Anderson's THE MASTER Gets a Teaser Featuring a Crazy Joaquin Phoenix

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

This teaser trailer/clip gives us our first look at P.T. Anderson's latest project, The Master. It's been five years since Anderson's There Will Be Blood, and it looks like The Master will be well worth the wait. I'm a big fan of the filmmaker, and this is sure to be another masterpiece.

The teaser gives us a look at the character that Joaquin Phoenix plays in the story and also gives a taste of just how crazy this character is. It also reminds us of how awesome an actor Phoenix is. The teaser definitely has Anderson's style plastered all over it.

The film follows a character named Lancaster Dodd "The Master," played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, a charismatic leader who creates a new religion in the 1950's and his main disciple (Phoenix), an alcoholic drifter named Freddie Sutton who becomes Dodd's closest follower only to later break away from his teachings. It's supposed to be based on the religion of Scientology. 

Watch the teaser, and let us know what you think about Anderson's latest!

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