ALF Movie Being Pitched to Studios

MovieNBCby Ben Pearson

You've gotta be kidding me. ALF, the loveable (?) alien puppet creature who starred in his own sitcom back in the 1980s, is apparently having some sort of comeback, or so creator Paul Fusco would have us believe.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fusco spoke about the history and legacy of the character, and I'd imagine it would be entertaining if you were a fan of the show. (I was not.) And despite THR's statements to the contrary, it seems that Fusco is a bit off his rocker. Just listen to the way he talks about ALF, a fictional puppet that he himself voices and operates:

When I used to write an episode and couldn’t come up with a line for ALF, I needed something really funny, I would actually ask ALF," Fusco explains during a wide-ranging conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. "I would actually put the character on, and the character would just tell me what the line was.


In a time when nostalgia is king in Hollywood, Fusco believes that now is the time for ALF to make a return to the public consciousness, and more specifically, he wants some time on the big screen:

I think the timing is right. That’s a big important thing, timing,” he says, quite confident in his prediction. “There have been movies out there of characters that I didn’t think were on the same parallel as ALF that got movies made, so I think it’s time. I think it could be a home run on a lot of levels.

A home run? You're out of your mind, dude. Nobody cares about ALF anymore. The biggest segment of an audience that goes to the movies is young people with money, and do you think they're going to care about an ALF movie? The Muppets could pull it off because they're actually a beloved franchise and had multiple movies to their name before Jason Segal and Nick Stoller brought them back.

I obviously think this is a terrible idea, but that's because I didn't like the show. Do we have any ALF fans that read the site, and if so, do you think an ALF movie would still be entertaining in 2012/2013?

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