MEN IN BLACK 3 - Viral BugEyes Film Clip

Sony Pictures has been running a viral marketing campaign for Men in Black 3, which followed an investigative blogger that goes by the name of BugEyes looking to uncover any extra-terrestrials living here among us on earth.

His goal was to "uncover the truth behind alien life on earth and the Men in Black Suits who appear to cover it up. In his investigation he discovered mysterious clues linked to futuristic vehicles, tattoo parlors, and even a cake. Even more surprising, he was able to uncover that Arianna Huffington is in fact an extraterrestrial hiding on Earth, which became headline news around the country! All the while he has built a group of 100 thousand loyal followers called “MIBelievers” who have helped him uncover clues by posting on his Facebook page, and calling in with shocking tips. Everything he has done so far has led to one defining moment when he received his very own black suit, and became an official member of the Men in Black!"

This most recent clip from the film reveals what this viral campaign has been leading up to... a cameo from BugEyes himself in the movie. I'm excited to see these character back on the big screen, and it looks like the movie is going to just as entertaining as the first two. Check out the lastest MIB3 video below!