Bill Murray's Gift To A Fan: Video of Slow Motion Walking

If you don't love Bill Murray, I don't think we can be friends. Over the past few years, he's been known to do awesomely random things like show up at people's house parties unannounced, stop by and sing karaoke with people he's never met before, and drunk driving in Sweden behind the wheel of a golf cart that didn't belong to him. (No one was hurt, which is why that one's funny.)

Badass Digest points us to Murray's newest piece of awesomeness, a video of him walking in slow motion down a hallway with a group of guys. This may not seem that great on the face of it, but when you find out that these guys were working on a commercial with Murray, asked for an autograph, and he gave them this instead...well, that pretty much says it all.

What is your favorite off-screen thing that Bill Murray has done so far?